The Launch of the Universal Security Store Offers Users an Interactive Format to Purchase Superior Home Safety Products - Smoke, Fire, CO Detectors

It is with a tremendous amount of enthusiasm that we are able to announce the successful launch of the online Universal Security Store! In conjunction with Universal Security Instruments, we have been able to assemble an excellent selection of Home Safety Products and Accessories that continually exceed industry standards. Our online catalogue contains a wealth of information on the strengths and advantages of purchasing a USI Alarm.

Our selection of USI Smoke and Fire Alarms features an abundance of options for consumers to explore. Regardless of whether you're interested in a Smoke and Fire Alarm that utilizes an Ionization Sensor or one that incorporates Photoelectric Technology, you'll have no shortage of highly functional alarms to peruse. Our online shop is further bolstered with the inclusion of USI's signature series of Universal Smoke Sensing (ioPhic) Alarms. Exclusive to the USI brand, Universal Smoke Sensing Alarms employ state of the art technology in assessing and alerting owners of multiple threats while minimizing the chance of triggering nuisance alarms. The addition of Carbon Monoxide Alarms and Combination Alarms further establish USI as an incredibly diverse brand set on releasing Alarms that display heightened levels in performance and reliability.

We at the Universal Security Store understand that the reasons for purchasing a USI Alarm may vary from one party to the next. For that very reason, our online shop was purposefully designed to fulfill the needs of an extended range of consumers. The My Home page is the ideal place to gather a wealth of information regarding the selection and installation of a USI Alarm within the household setting. The My Fundraiser page contains all of the necessary information required for those looking to raise Fire and Carbon Monoxide Detection Awareness while collecting money for their preferred organization. Questions involving Wholesale Ordering can be assessed in the My Property page. For those looking to raise awareness within their community or help out their neighborhood, the My Community page has everything you need to donate USI branded Alarms. All of these options and many more are available exclusively at the Universal Security Store.

The launch of the USI Store will also be accompanied by a Storewide Coupon that will cut an additional 15% off any purchase exceeding $30.00! This is a time sensitive offer and will expire soon. Establish the premier in safety and purchase from a brand that's 'Always looking to protect your family'.

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