Make Sure You Are Compliant With Current Smoke Alarm Laws & Legislations With USI Hardwired Alarms

The USI Store features a wealth of USI Smoke Alarms, Carbon Monoxide Alarms and Combination Alarms that differentiates itself from the standard. Not only are USI Hardwired Smoke Alarms compliant with current state laws and legislations, they're incredibly easy to setup and feature a quick installation process. The USI Store has also included a large amount of USI Hardwired Smoke Alarms that offer increased levels of protection in the form of a battery backup. When it comes to protecting your home from the many dangers presented by the presence of smoke, you can readily rely on the USI brand to excel as a premier safety enhancer.

The USI Store's online collection of Hardwired Smoke Alarms has been thoroughly tested to meet and surpass the qualifications set by state laws and legislations. This can be attributed to USI's decision to utilize a myriad of performance rich technologies that excel in detecting smoke in various quantities. The USI Electric Hardwired Ionization Smoke and Fire Alarm with Long Life Battery Backup is an excellent example of the USI brand's commitment to utilize multiple technologies to ensure optimal safety. Incorporating an ionization sensor that's capable of responding swiftly to fast-flaming fires, this Hardwired Ionization Smoke and Fire Alarm is fully interconnectable with all USI and Universal 120V alarms using existing wiring and mounting.

USI Hardwired Smoke and Fire Alarms feature a near effortless installation process that allows for swift and convenient installation. Simply select the area for setup and use the quick activation pull-tab to activate. A majority of USI branded Hardwired Smoke and Fire Alarms also include a battery backup that allows for elevated levels in peace of mind. The USI 3-in-1 Hardwired Smoke, Fire & Carbon Monoxide Smart Alarm with 10 Year Tamper-Proof Sealed Battery combines both swift installation and ten years of continuous protection. Capable of alerting homeowners to the presence of smoke, fire and carbon monoxide, this USI 3-in1 Hardwired Alarm includes a tamper-proof battery in case of a power outage. The USI Electric Hardwired Ionization Smoke and Fire Alarm with Battery Backup is another excellent entry that features a surplus of intuitive additions that provide superior protection against fast flaming fires.

USI Hardwired Smoke and Fire Alarms represent the perfect balance of affordable and reliable solutions that can immediately bolster the safety of any home's surroundings. The USI Store offers no shortage of viable choices when it comes to selecting the ideal alarm to match any home's individual specifications. Ensure the maximum in protection for your home and surrounding area with the purchase of a USI Alarm that's celebrated for its reliability and performance.

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