The USI Every Room Carbon Monoxide Smart Alarm: 10 Years of CO Detection

The many dangers attributed to the unchecked presence of carbon monoxide must be handled accordingly. Often referred to as the "silent killer", carbon monoxide is an odorless and colorless substance that's capable of killing within a few short minutes. At minimum, carbon monoxide carries the life altering capacity of sending thousands of individuals to the emergency room each and every year. Medical experts have even deduced that children, pregnant women and senior citizens are increasingly susceptible to CO poisoning. When the potential for catastrophe within the household is this high, homeowners cannot afford to stand idly. The USI Store offers a versatile selection of performance exceeding carbon monoxide alarms that are capable of alerting homeowners to the presence of carbon monoxide.

The installation of a Universal Security Instruments Every Room Carbon Monoxide Smart Alarm with 10 Year Sealed Battery carries a collection of life altering benefits. Studies have revealed that one of the leading causes of preventable death to carbon monoxide is a deactivated or inoperable alarm. This CO detector is equipped with a 10-year sealed battery that provides a decade's worth of protection. Even in the event of a power outage, homeowners will have continued access to a CO alarm that will monitor the surroundings of any carbon monoxide. This USI CO Detector utilizes Permanent Power. This translates to an easily installed and activated alarm that will continue to operate for ten years. The utilization of a maintenance-free battery will effectively eliminate low battery chirps and the requirement of purchasing replacement batteries throughout the alarm's lifespan.

The USI Every Room Carbon Monoxide Smart Alarm includes microprocessor intelligence that's proven to virtually eliminate nuisance alarms caused by non-hazardous sources. Microprocessor intelligence also allows this USI CO Alarm to adjust to humidity and other environmental factors that reduce false alarms. It has been proven that the only safe way to prevent nuisance alarms is to choose a detector that features microprocessor intelligence. The USI Every Room Carbon Monoxide Smart Alarm is the only available detector that offers Smart Alarm Technology. This effectively translates to the most reliable detection results available for safeguarding home's from the many dangers presented by carbon monoxide.

The USI Store offers the Universal Security Instruments Every Room Carbon Monoxide Smart Alarm with 10 Year Sealed Battery and a host of other carbon monoxide detectors. The availability of Smoke & Fire Alarms and Combination Alarms ensures that owners have everything they need to properly outfit their house from any number of threats. Universal Security Instruments is a U.S. based manufacturer of high quality, easy-to-install home safety products. Founded in 1969, Universal Security Instruments has over 40 years of heritage in providing home safety products for families. With state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, Universal Security Instruments continues to launch revolutionary new products and technologies with the mission of always working to keep families protected.

Carbon Monoxide Alarm with 10 Year Sealed Battery

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