USI 10 Year Sealed Alarms Take Advantage of Hassle Free Alkaline Batteries Instead of Lithium-ion Like Other Competitors

Universal Security Instruments has always prioritized the overall safety and well-being of its customers by releasing a continually growing collection of USI branded Smoke and Fire Alarms, Carbon Monoxide Alarms and Combination Alarms that prioritize performance and longevity. Efficiency and convenience have been bolstered to an even further extent as all USI 10 Year Sealed Battery Operated Detectors feature the utilization of alkaline batteries. The advantages of implementing alkaline batteries in place of lithium-ion batteries are numerous and further distance USI Smoke Detectors and Carbon Monoxide Alarms from competing models. All USI 10 Year Sealed Alarms come with Alkaline batteries.

USI 10 Year Sealed Alkaline Battery Alarms Feature:

  • Permanent Power batteries feature the revolutionary Duracell® Duralock Power Preserve™ Technology.
  • Permanent Power batteries are safer than lithium batteries.
  • Permanent Power batteries are a greener alternative and more Eco Friendly than lithium batteries.
  • Permanent Power models do not require special hazmat shipping, handing or special recycling.

Environmentally Friendly, More Efficient and Easier Disposal

Alkaline powered smoke and CO alarms also afford owners that much sought after peace of mind when it comes to the operation of their detector. Smoke and CO alarms that utilize lithium powered batteries exhaust a tremendous amount of power. This results in a shorter lifespan that will restrict owners into following a replacement schedule. Lithium-ion batteries are also responsible for a decreased "low battery" warning to alert the surroundings. In comparison, alkaline batteries feature a gradual drop-off that results in prolonging the "low battery" alert and greatly increasing the odds that the surroundings will be properly alerted. Another advantage to owning an alkaline powered USI detector can be observed in the disposal process. Lithium powered smoke and CO detectors require a spare means of disposal.

No Shipping Restrictions or Potential Surcharges

By incorporating alkaline batteries into their selection of smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms, Universal Security Instruments has eased the process of acquiring a superior smoke or carbon monoxide detecting solution. USI Alarms that utilize alkaline batteries fulfill all of the necessary requirements needed to ship via air. This translates to a much smoother and convenient process for purchasing a USI detector through the USI Store. Lithium-ion powered detectors are hindered in the delivery process and require additional travel restrictions that are altogether absent in alkaline powered models. Not only is the USI MI3050SB 2-in-1 Smoke and Fire Smart Alarm with 10 Year Sealed Battery an ideal addition for combating the many threats posed by smoke, carbon monoxide and natural gas; it features an alkaline battery that allows for seamless delivery.

The USI Store offers an expansive selection of smoke and fire alarms, carbon monoxide alarms and combination alarms that implement the usage of alkaline batteries. Selections such as the 2-in-1 MI3050SB Smoke and Fire Smart Alarm and the MCD305SB Carbon Monoxide Smart Alarm offer optimal levels of safety. For additional USI detectors that feature alkaline batteries, visit the USI store today.

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