NEW Sensing Plus® Smoke Alarms Meet UL Standard 217 8th Edition

Sensing Plus universal security smoke, fire and carbon monoxide alarms

Features & Benefits

sensing plus smoke alarms - UL217 8th edition standard sensing plus smoke alarms - UL217 8th edition standard
Multi Criteria Smoke & Fire Sensor

Dual protection that's capable of sensing the presence of both slow smoldering & fast flaming fires. Earlier detection of fires caused by modern building materials.

Nuisance Alarm Elimination

Universal Sensing Plus® Alarms feature a built in microprocessor that eliminates virtually all false alarms associated with everyday cooking smoke & steam.

Advanced Intelligence

AI-artificial intelligence techniques can differentiate and classify smoke & fire profiles.

Tamper-Proof Design

Set it and forget it. A unique tamper proof design will prevent others from tampering the alarm's battery.

10 Year Permanent Power

Lithium–Free 10 year permanent power alkaline batteries give you safer, more eco-friendly and maintenance free protection for the life of the alarm.

10 Year Warranty on Both Battery & Alarm

Safety along with longevity remains essential in our design. All Universal Sensing Plus® Detectors include a 10 year warranty on both the battery and life of the alarm.

Our Smoke Alarms That Pass the New UL 217 8th Edition Tests Include:

ul standard 217 8th edition tests for smoke alarms
  • Resistance to Nuisance and False Alarms from Cooking and Steam.
  • Detection of Polyurethane Foam in both Slow Smoldering & Fast Flaming Fires.
  • Immunity to High-Voltage Current Surges.

Bring Your Properties Up to Code. Install NEW Alarms Today to be Compliant with new UL 217 8th Edition testing standards. All New Sensing Plus® Models are CSFM California State Fire Marshal Approved.

A New Standard in Smoke Detection - Sensing Plus®

Universal Security Instruments is excited to debut the newest line of smoke alarms in a series defined by its intuitive use of revolutionary technologies. Universal Security Sensing Plus® Smoke Alarms include the latest smoke and fire safety enhancement features while conforming to the new UL 217 8th Edition that is set to launch July 1st, 2024. Complying with this new UL standard set to be introduced, Security Sensing Plus® Smoke Alarms are being designed to quickly identify the presence of smoke and fire without triggering nuisance alarms brought on by everyday cooking smoke and steam.

By utilizing multi criteria smoke and fire sensors, this selection of AI powered smoke detectors can differentiate and respond to both fast flaming and slow smoldering fires (includes polyurethane fires that tend to burn quicker). Combine this with a built-in microprocessor that removes virtually all false alarms caused by cooking and you'll have access to a highly intelligent smoke detector that will alert you to actual threats. All Universal Security Sensing Plus® Alarms are also powered by ten year lithium-free batteries. This ensures a decade's worth of maintenance free protection. Universal Security Sensing Plus® Detectors are available as 2-in-1 smoke & fire alarms and 3-in-1 smoke, fire & carbon monoxide alarms. Universal Security Instruments - Always Working to Protect your Family.

Compliant With New Smoke Alarm Laws

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New editions of UL safety standards for smoke alarms and smoke detectors have performance-based technology requirements, enabling detectors to better distinguish between cooking smoke and that of a potentially life-threatening fire. These enhancements help minimize cooking nuisance alarms, the top reason why people disable their devices.

Sensing Plus® Multi Criteria Detection

Advanced Intelligence quickly identifies and alerts the surrounding area to the presence of both slow smoldering and fast flaming fires.

Conforms to UL 217 8th Edition

Minimizes nuisance alarms while providing enhanced smoke and fire protection (includes polyurethane fires that tend to burn quicker).

Ten Year Protection

All Sensing Plus® Detectors include lithium-free ten year permanent power alkaline batteries that offer a decade's worth of uninterrupted protection.

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