When it comes to outfitting your home with a dependable Smoke and Fire Alarm that is often celebrated for its intuitive use of technology, USI has comprised an excellent assortment of Alarms that best incorporate the themes of performance, reliability and accessibility in a highly affordable package. Our online shop features Smoke and Fire Alarms that utilize Universal Sensing Plus® Multi Criteria Technology. The Universal Security Instruments Sensing Plus Multi Criteria Hardwired Smoke & Fire Alarm With 10 Year Battery Backup is an excellent choice for those looking for an alarm with a prolonged lifespan that's capable of sensing the presence of both slow smoldering & fast flaming fires

USI's series of Universal Smoke Sensing Alarms represent the pinnacle of forward thinking and ingenious use of technology. The USI 2-in-1 Hardwired Smoke & Fire Smart Alarm with 10 Year Sealed Battery & Universal Smoke Sensing Technology incorporates a host of sensing technologies to alert owners of both fast-flaming and slow-smoldering fires. Responding 87% faster to slow-smoldering fires than a traditionally constructed alarm, Universal Smoke Sensing Alarms are the fastest available alarms in today's market in registering and alerting owners to fast-flaming fires. This smoke alarm is further bolstered by a ten year battery that offers an additional decade of uninterrupted protection.

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