Universal Security Store Fundraising Program

The Universal Security Store offers a great way to raise fire and carbon monoxide detection awareness, while also raising money for your organization, group or community. If you believe that our Smoke Alarm, Carbon Monoxide Alarm or Combination Alarm lines would be a good fit for your fundraising audience, we can structure a simple program so that your organization will receive a percentage of the gross sales of the products you select for your fundraiser!

All fundraising sales are done through our online platform, where we will create a dedicated page specifically for your fundraising audience. We will also provide marketing material that will show your fundraising group how to use our user friendly online ordering system to ensure all your groups orders are attached to your fundraiser. If you think you might be interested in this program, simply contact us, and one of our fundraising program directors will follow up with you. Some simple questions to help us get started would be: Your goal amount for this fundraising campaign to consider it a success? Your estimated sales audience size? Your preferred start and end date for the fundraising campaign?

Fundraising is perfect for several groups, including:

  • School Fundraisers
  • Community Fundraising
  • Boy Scout and Girl Scout Fundraising
  • Fire Department Fundraisers
  • Smoke Alarm Fundraisers
  • Carbon Monoxide Awareness Fundraisers
  • Work Fundraisers
  • Home Safety Awareness Programs
  • Home Owners Association Programs
  • High School Fundraiser
  • PTA Fundraisers
  • Church Fundraisers

Please email us at sales@universalsecuritystore.com for more information.

Popular Products For Fundraising:

USI 3-in-1 Universal Smoke and Carbon Monoxide 10 Year Smart Alarm

Model: MIC1509S
$47.95 Save: $22.00
Availability: In Stock

USI Automatic Emergency Lighting System

Model: HE-430N
$33.95 Save: $16.00
Availability: In Stock

USI Electric 15 Amp GFCI Receptacle Duplex Outlet, White

Model: G1315TRWH
$14.95 Save: $5.00
Availability: In Stock

USI Hardwired 2-in-1 Universal Smoke Sensing Smoke and Fire Smart Alarm

Model: MI106S
$21.95 Save: $7.00
Availability: In Stock

USI Electric Hardwired LED Wall Mounted Smart Strobe Light

Model: SLW127
$74.95 Save: $25.00
Availability: In Stock

USI Electric Hardwired Ionization Smoke and Fire Alarm with Battery Backup

Model: 5304
$13.95 Save: $6.00
Availability: In Stock

USI Sensing Plus Living Area 10 Year Battery Smoke and Fire Alarm

Model: AMIL3051SC
$27.95 Save: $12.00
Availability: In Stock

USI Bedroom 2-in-1 Smoke and Fire Alarm, 10 Year Sealed Battery

Model: MI3050SB
$19.95 Save: $10.00
Availability: In Stock
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