Our collection of compatible Accessories is an excellent way of adding even more customizable options for your preexisting USI Alarm. The USI 120 Volt Ionization Smoke Alarm & Strobe Kit for Hearing Impaired is an officially ADA Approved product designed for the Hearing Impaired. Featuring a 120-Volt Xenon Strobe Light, this kit is an ideal addition for homes, hotels, apartments, hospitals, rest homes and a host of other suitable locations.

Other additions such as the USI Electric Relay Module for Smoke and Fire Alarms allow for an increasingly convenient means of accessing the external devices on all of your installed USI Electric and Universal Smoke and Fire Alarms. USI Chime Kits and Push Buttons provide an attractive means of alerting your surroundings to the presence of visitors. Rounding out the Accessories section, USI Duplex Outlets include an Automatic Self-Testing feature that continuously monitors an outlet's safety.

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