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10 Year Sealed Battery Alarms

10-year sealed battery smoke, fire and carbon monoxide alarms offer permanent power and continuous protection in the event of a power outage. Universal Smoke Sensing Technology combines the benefits of both photoelectric and ionization technology in one alarm.


Add more functionality to an already diverse line of smoke and fire alarm products with USI's alarm accessories and more including: smoke alarm relay module, heat alarm, door chimes and emergency lighting system.

Bath Fan Accessories

Find a variety of replacement parts for your USI Electric bath fan including bath fan duct adapters, replacement motor assemblies and bath fan brace / lighting fixtures.

Bathroom Fans & Parts

Find the perfect bathroom fan or replacement bathroom fan for your home, including bath fan models with several different motor power options and unique features.

Bathroom Ventilation

Make sure the air circulation in your bathroom is running smoothly with Universal Security Instruments line of bathroom fans and bath fan accessories.

Battery Operated Carbon Monoxide Alarms

USI Battery Operated Carbon Monoxide Alarms implement 10 year permanent power via a lithium-free battery that ensures long lasting co detection. All USI battery powered detectors include built-in microprocessor intelligence that virtually eliminates nuisance alarms, ensuring you and your surroundings are warned of actual dangers.

Battery Operated Smoke Alarms

USI Battery Operated Smoke Alarms expand the number of installation options by bypassing the traditional hardwired setup. Available as standalone and combination alarms, USI Battery Powered Smoke Detectors offer a wealth of versatility.

Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Protect your home from the silent killer with state of the art carbon monoxide detectors from Universal Security Instruments including: plug-in carbon monoxide detectors, hardwired co alarms and combination co, smoke and gas alarms.

Combination Alarms

USI combination detectors allow for multiple threat detection packed into one convenient alarm. Featuring combo carbon monoxide and natural gas alarms and combination smoke, co and gas detectors.

Hardwired Carbon Monoxide Alarms

USI Hardwired Carbon Monoxide Alarms are available as combination detectors that offer protection against multiple threats. With the correct setup, you'll be able to safeguard your home or place of business from the many dangers associated with undetected co, natural gasses and smoke.

Hardwired Smoke Alarms

USI Hardwired Smoke Alarms can easily be plugged into your home's preexisting system. All Universal Security Instruments Hardwired Smoke Detectors feature a battery backup that will continue to operate in the event of a power outage, ensuring optimal protection.

Natural Gas Alarms & Home Gas Leak Detectors

USI Natural Gas Alarms are capable of detecting both natural gas (methane) as well as carbon monoxide. Available as 120v plug-in natural gas alarms or hardwired natural gas detectors, USI Methane Detectors offer versatile installation options backed by reliable technology.

Outlet Safety & Wiring Devices

Electrical outlet protection is widely overlooked within the home. USI Electric Automatic self-testing duplex outlets ensure continuous outlet safety. Sold in 15 amp and 20 amp models with weather resistant also available for outdoor use.

Plug In Carbon Monoxide Alarms

USI Plug In Carbon Monoxide Alarms offer extreme flexibility as they can easily be inserted into an outlet (no additional wiring necessary). 120v plug-in carbon monoxide alarms are also capable of sensing natural gas (methane).


Find everything you need to protect your home and family from fire, carbon monoxide and gas threats. The Universal Security Store offers state of the art Smoke Alarms, CO detectors and Combo alarms at affordable prices.

Sensing PlusĀ® Multi Criteria Smoke Alarms

Bring your home or properties up to code with Universal Security Instruments Sensing Plus® Alarms. 10 Year Sensing Plus® Alarms respond to both fast flaming and slow smoldering fires (includes polyurethane fires that tend to burn quicker). This selection includes 2-in-1 Smoke and Fire Detectors as well as 3-in-1 Smoke, Fire & Carbon Monoxide Detectors.

Smoke & Fire Alarms

Universal Security Instrument smoke and fire alarms are your premier defense against slow and fast acting fires. Here you can find 10 Year battery alarms, photoelectric smoke alarms, patented universal smoke sensing alarms and more!

Contests & Enter To Win Promotions

Ultimate Whole Home Smoke, Fire & CO Protection Sweepstakes

USI Whole Home Smoke, Fire and CO Protection Sweepstakes is a free to enter contest. Win one of three fire safety packages. Free to enter sweepstakes includes smoke, fire and carbon monoxide alarms.

Fire Safety Month 2019 Sweepstakes by USI

USI Fire Safety Month 2019 Sweepstakes is a free to enter contest. Win one of three fire safety smoke and carbon monoxide alarm prize packages.

Family Safety Starts at Home - Free to Enter Sweepstakes

This free to enter contest from USI electric is to promote home fire safety awareness and carbon monoxide poisoning education.

USI Whole Home Smoke & CO Protection Contest - 01-2017

Enter now for your chance to win one of three whole home smoke and carbon monoxide protection bundles. You can't put a price on safety so the Universal Security Store is hosting a Free to Enter online sweepstakes featuring revolutionary new smoke and carbon monoxide sensing technology alarms.

Store News & Product Articles

10-Year Sealed Battery Smoke Alarms: Peace of Mind for a Decade

Traditional smoke alarms require battery changes every six months to a year. This can be annoying, and sometimes, it simply falls through the cracks. 10-year sealed battery smoke alarms eliminate this concern entirely.

Where to Place Carbon Monoxide Alarms in Your Home

Carbon monoxide (CO) is an odorless, colorless gas that can be deadly. It's produced by burning fuels like gasoline, wood, natural gas, and propane. Inhaling CO can cause flu-like symptoms, dizziness, nausea, and even death. Having working carbon monoxide alarms in your home is crucial to protect yourself and your family from CO poisoning.

Do Carbon Monoxide Alarms Detect Natural Gas Leaks?

No, carbon monoxide (CO) alarms cannot detect natural gas leaks. Although they don't directly detect natural gas, CO alarms can still play a crucial role in protecting your safety.

Why is my USI Electric Smoke Detector Beeping? (And Other Questions Answered)

The USI Electric Smoke Detector chirping indicates a Your USI Electric Smoke Detector may be beeping due to a "low battery" condition, meaning the battery needs to be replaced. Battery powered smoke alarms will chirp a minimum of 30 days before the battery completely loses power.

Why Does My Carbon Monoxide Alarm Keep Going Off?

It's a very common question and one we're all too happy to answer. There can be a number of factors at play here. Ranging from the detector needing to be reset or replacing the unit's battery, there are a few things that can be triggering a beeping or nuisance alarm.

Natural Gas Explosion Levels Famous Hotel: Are You Protected?

We still do not hold the threat of natural gas to the same standard as we do smoke and carbon monoxide. It's something that needs to be addressed as natural gas disasters continue to appear throughout the world.

USI Smoke & Fire Alarms: Protection From the Second Leading Cause of Home Fires

They're not talked about nearly as much as the previous two types, but heating fires account for a large percentage of fire incidents every year. One of the primary causes for heating fires is a reliance on portable heating equipment, especially in the winter.

USI Electrical Outlets: Identifying and Preventing Electrical Fires

Electrical fires are often regarded as the most unpredictable as they're capable of beginning and escalating beyond the naked eye. Electrical fires can be triggered by a number of sources such as poor wiring, defective electrical outlets and the use of old appliances.

USI Kitchen Smoke Alarm: Protection From The #1 Cause of Home Fires

You can't predict when or what type of fire will occur, but you can make sure that you and everyone around are properly alerted to its presence. To better understand the severity of this danger, we have to identify the different types of fires that occur in the home.

Universal Sensing Plus Smoke & Fire Alarms - Frequently Asked Questions

Universal Security Sensing Plus Multi Criteria Detection removes the dated use of single sensor technology by being able to detect both types of fires. This is achieved via a Sensing Plus Detector's use of artificial intelligence that can quickly recognize both types of fires. We talk about this and other features that define the new series of USI Smoke, Fire & Carbon Monoxide Alarms.

State of Maine New Natural Gas Detector Law - Is Your Home Up To Code?

New Natural Gas Alarm Laws are being introduced in the United States. Make sure your home and family's surroundings are safe from this and other dangers with a USI Natural Gas Alarm.

Guide To Replacing Your USI-1204 Smoke & Fire Alarm With A Comparable Model

The USI-1204 alarm is no longer available so we have put together a list of other wired in smoke alarms that are compatible. Installing a replacement fire alarm is easy with our step by step guide.

The Fall & Winter Months Bring An Increase In Smoke & Fire Related Emergencies

Did you know that 3 out of 5 home fire deaths occurred in homes that did not feature operating smoke detectors? This can be directly linked to smoke alarms having exceeded their expiration date or just the absence of smoke detectors in general. It's a frightening reality that's compounded by the fact that fire departments across the United States annually respond to an emergency every 24 seconds.

Universal Security Instruments: A Consumer's Guide to Smoke & Fire Alarms

Shop Consumer Favorite Universal Security Smoke & Fire Alarms that include: hardwired smoke alarms, battery powered smoke alarms and the 8th edition Universal Security Sensing Plus Smoke Alarm series.

New Sensing Plus Smoke Alarms Meet UL Standard 217 8th Edition

USI Sensing Plus Smoke Alarms conform to the latest UL Standards. Implementing a series of industry defining smoke and fire safety features, Sensing Plus Smoke Alarms excel in delivering precision results when alerting home and business owners to actual threats.

Battery-Powered vs Hardwired Smoke Alarms - Choosing The Right Detector

Is a battery powered smoke alarm or hardwired smoke alarm right for me?

USI-1204 Smoke and Fire Alarm w/ Battery Backup: Efficient and Versatile Protection

Consumer favorite USI-1204 Smoke and Fire Alarm with Battery Backup uses an ionization sensor to provide fast flaming fire protection.

Affordable and Reliable USI Smoke and Fire Alarms under $20.00

Get the best protection without breaking the bank, we discuss our top smoke, fire, and carbon monoxide detection models with the best price tags.

An Alarm For Every Room - Room Designated Smoke, Fire & Carbon Monoxide Detectors

USI Room Designated Smoke, Fire and Carbon Monoxide Alarms remove the guessing work from home installation.

Lithium Batteries are Dangerous: Why would you want them in your Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms?

USI Alkaline Powered Alarms are the first and only selection of detectors to implement Duracell Duralock Power Preserve Technology.

USI Carbon Monoxide Alarms & Observing National CO Awareness Month

The USI Store will be honoring National CO Awareness Month this January by spotlighting a large selection of USI Carbon Monoxide Alarms and Combination Alarms.

USI Ionization Smoke and Fire Alarm with Battery Backup: An Efficient and Reliable Family Favorite

usi ionization smoke and fire alarm with battery backup available for online purchase at USI Store. Purchase USI hardwired and battery operated smoke alarms at the USI Store.

Whole Home Protection Made Easy with USI Room Alarms

The Universal Security Store has simplified the entire process by offering a selection of room specific USI Smoke and Fire Alarms.

Protection from Smoke, Carbon Monoxide and Natural Gasses - USI Combination Alarms

USI Combination Alarms are an excellent choice for those searching for layered protection against multiple threats. The installation of a standalone smoke or carbon monoxide alarm may limit homeowners into selecting one type over the other.

Stay Safe During the Winter Months with USI Combination Alarms

The winter months carry a significantly increased risk for homeowners seeking to protect themselves and their loved ones from the very real and often lethal attributes of fire and carbon monoxide. USI Store offers all of the necessary equipment required to keep your family and home safe from fire, smoke and carbon monoxide during the winter season.

USI Smoke Alarms: Industry Defining Technology at a Superior Price

Reliable smoke and fire detectors don't have to cost you a fortune. Universal Security has manufactured an cost effective line of ionization, photoelectric, dual sensing and universal smoke sensing alarms at a fraction of the cost of other competitors.

Fire Prevention Month Storewide Sale: Alarms Starting At Just $5

The USI Store is currently hosting its Fire Prevention Month Storewide Sale. This is an online exclusive that will invite customers to take 20% off the USI Store's entire selection of Smoke Alarms, Carbon Monoxide Alarms, Combination Alarms and other Safety Products.

USI Releases M Series Smoke Alarms that Virtually Eliminate All Nuisance Alarms

Capable of reacting 87% faster to Slow Smoldering Fires and quickly responding to Fast Flaming Fires, USI is elevating the genre of Smoke and Fire Alarms by offering homeowners and business owners a sense of renewed and unrivaled peace of mind.

USI Fire Prevention Week Sale, with Universal Smoke Sensing and M Series Smoke and Fire Alarms

Shop for fire alarms and smoke detectors during fire prevention week and save 25% off your order.

Ten Year Sealed Battery Alarms, No Hassle / Long Lasting Protection

USI's collection of Smoke and Fire Alarms and Carbon Monoxide Alarms that utilize a sealed battery model that allows for ten years unwavering protection.

Safeguard your Household with Room Specific USI Alarms

Gain whole house protection from smoke, fire and carbon monoxide with Universal Security's line of room designation alarms. Bedroom Smoke Detectors, Hallways Smoke & CO detectors and Kitchen Smoke Detectors.

Make Sure You Are Compliant With Current Smoke Alarm Laws & Legislations With USI Hardwired Alarms

The USI Store's online collection of Hardwired Smoke Alarms has been thoroughly tested to meet and surpass the qualifications set by state laws and legislations. The USI Electric Hardwired Ionization Smoke and Fire Alarm with Long Life Battery Backup is an excellent example of the USI brand's commitment to utilize multiple technologies to ensure optimal safety.

Our Top Rated Carbon Monoxide Alarm Offers 10 Years of Constant Protection

Find the best and most reliable carbon monoxide alarms, the new 10 year battery operated MC304SB CO alarm by USI is one of the most affordable detectors offering the most reliable co protection on the market.

Free to Enter Whole Home Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Protection Contest

The USI Store is currently hosting its Home Smoke & CO Protection Sweepstakes. This contest is a USI Store exclusive and will allow entrants to win one of three USI Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Protection Bundles. Homeowners can ill afford to put a price on the safety of their surroundings and loved ones. That's why the USI Store has comprised a selection of Smoke & Fire Alarms and Carbon Monoxide Alarms that surpass all of the demands one would place on a superior safety enhancer.

Introducing the New USI Store: New Look, More Features, Revolutionary USI Technology

USI Smoke and Fire Alarms are available in three differing categories that include: Ionization Smoke Alarms, Photoelectric Smoke Alarms and Universal Smoke Sensing Technology Alarms. USI Carbon Monoxide Alarms are offered as standalone models and Combination Alarms that are capable of simultaneously detecting the presence of smoke and carbon monoxide.

Carbon Monoxide Is Still A Danger In The Summer Months - Get Protected With USI CO Detectors

While the winter months are usually associated with a higher number of incidents involving carbon monoxide, the summer months carry a collection of their very own risks linked to the presence of CO. Often referred to as the "silent killer", carbon monoxide is the leading cause of deaths attributed to poison in the United States.

A Decade's Worth of Smoke/CO Protection with USI Ten Year Sealed Battery Alarms

Unique Features Only Found in USI Sealed 10 Year Battery Alarms include 10 Year Warranty for BOTH Alarm and Battery. Lithium Free Battery allows for Eco-Friendly Disposal. 10 Years of Protection upon Activation not Purchase. Patented Microprocessor Technology (Select Alarms.

Universal Smoke Sensing Technology: Dual Protection in One Alarm

The integration of brand specific U.S.S.T. technology ensures dual protection as homeowners will be alerted to the presence of both fast flaming and slow smoldering fires. U.S.S.T. Detectors simplify the process of selecting the correct alarm as they enable access to a patented microprocessor technology that allows for maximum overall protection.

The Benefits of Hardwired Smoke Alarms & Carbon Monoxide Detectors by Universal Security Instruments

Hardwired smoke and co alarms with battery backups give you the most reliable solution for home fire and co poison safety. USI offers a variety of easy to install detection products to suite your needs.

Fire Safety Tips - Where To Install Smoke Alarms & Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Make sure you are installing your alarms in the correct places within your home, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has recommended that a combination alarm be installed within every bedroom, areas adjoining bedrooms and every level within the household. This would include basements and finished attic spaces.

Universal Security Instruments Most Popular Smoke & CO Detectors

Find the most popular and cost effective smoke alarms or carbon monoxide detectors by Universal Security Instruments.

Secure Whole Home Protection with USI Smoke, Fire & CO Bundles

Universal Security Instrument alarm bundles represent a convenient and affordable means of safeguarding your entire household from the many dangers presented by smoke and carbon monoxide. Incorporating the themes of performance, accessibility and steadfast reliability, USI Smoke and Fire Alarms set an industry standard for quickly recording and responding to the presence of smoke.

USI 10 Year Sealed Alarms Take Advantage of Hassle Free Alkaline Batteries Instead of Lithium-ion Like Other Competitors

10 Year sealed smoke alarms, carbon monoxide alarms and combo alarms from Universal Security Instruments. Providing revolutionary technology at an amazing price, plus no hassle permanent power alkaline batteries that last the duration of the alarms life.

Protect Your Family from Deadly Carbon Monoxide This Winter

The fall and winter months increase the susceptibility of homeowners looking to secure that much sought after peace of mind in preventing disaster. Universal Security Instruments recognizes the many dangers associated with CO and has outfitted its online store with a wide selection of carbon monoxide alarms.

The Launch of the Universal Security Store Offers Users an Interactive Format to Purchase Superior Home Safety Products

The new universal security store offers patented technology smoke alarms and fire detectors. Gain maximum protection from a brand you can trust with usi smoke, fire and co alarms.

USI Universal Smoke Sensing Alarms Continue to Raise Industry Standards

USI's series of innovative Universal Smoke Sensing Alarms proves this point emphatically by incorporating a microprocessor that's capable of recording incredibly accurate detection results while minimizing nuisance alarms.

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