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  • 2-in-1 alarm protects against deadly household hazards: Smoke and Fire + Carbon Monoxide
  • 10 year sealed batteries provide continuous protection - even in the event of a power outage
  • Lithium-Free Permanent Power from Duracell Duralock Power Preserve Technology
  • Eco-Friendly - Reduces environmental waste & eliminates disposal of up to twenty 9 volt batteries
  • Tamper proof design provides a higher level of security and prevents battery removal
  • Saves money - Never replace batteries for 10 years, saving up to $38.00 over the life of the alarm
  • Photoelectric Technology is typically more effective at detecting slow smoldering fires
  • Drift compensation feature allows alarm to auto adjust sensitivity if the photoelectric chamber becomes dusty or dirty over time-further reducing nuisance alarms
  • Smart Alarm Technology Provides:
    • Quick Find Alarm Origination Locator
    • Temperature & Humidity Compensation
    • Self Diagnostics to ensure alarm is functioning properly
    • Superior Nuisance Alarm Resistance
    • 10 Year Product End-of-Service Life Warning
  • Lock-out feature prevents deactivated alarm from being reinstalled
  • This alarm is suitable for installation in houses, apartments, dormitories and manufactured housing
  • Fast & easy to install. Perfect for new or replacement installations
  • Larger mounting base covers drywall imperfections and old paint marks
  • The single silence/test button temporarily quiets non-emergency alarms
  • Meets New Laws & Legislation-This alarm exceeds industry standards, and ETL listed to UL Standard UL 217 and UL2034, and California State Fire Marshal approved
  • 10 year limited warranty on both the battery and alarm
The Universal Security Instruments MPC322SB 2-in-1 Photoelectric Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm provides 10 years of continuous protection against deadly threats in the home. The utilization of Photoelectric Technology allows for increased efficiency in detecting slow smoldering fires. This USI 2-in-1 Alarm has also been equipped with a CO detector that's capable of sensing the presence of carbon monoxide in the surrounding area. Perfect for new or replacement installations, this maintenance-free alarm is suitable for houses, apartments and mobile homes. The sealed battery (included) will never have to be replaced throughout the life of the alarm, giving you a decade's worth in peace of mind even in the event of a power outage.

Permanent Power also saves money from battery replacements (up to $38.00 over the 10-year life of the alarm), eliminates annoying low battery chirps and helps the environment by reducing environmental waste from disposed batteries. This detector features smart alarm technology to assist in completely eliminating nuisance alarms, a single silence/test button to quiet a non-hazardous alarm and an end-of-service life warning that sounds when it's time to replace the battery (approximately 10-years from activation).

The perfect replacement for existing Universal Security Instruments Alarms, this USI 10 Year Tamper Proof Alarm features a large mounting base to cover imperfections in drywall and the option to replace retrofitting applications. The quick deactivation key switches the alarm off and makes the batteries safe for disposal. Once the alarm is deactivated, the tamper resistant feature turns on to prevent deactivated alarms from being reinstalled.

This USI Combination Alarm exceeds industry standards by meeting new laws and legislation. The Universal Security Instruments MPC322SB 2-in-1 Photoelectric Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm is ETL listed to UL Standard UL 217 and UL2034. This USI Alarm is also California State Fire Marshal approved.
MPC322SB33 year battery smoke alarm
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May 2, 2018
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Well thought of product with a long life.

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