A Decade's Worth of Smoke/CO Protection with USI Ten Year Sealed Battery Alarms

USI 10 Year Sealed Battery Alarms include a combination of features exclusive to the USI brand. All USI Ten Year Sealed Battery Detectors include a 10 Year Dual Warranty that's applicable to both the alarm and battery. Overall peace of mind is bolstered to an even greater extent as all USI branded Lithium Free Battery Alarms begin their protection cycle upon activation. Protection upon activation removes the guessing game usually associated with an alarm's longevity and performance. USI has also elected to utilize non-lithium 10 year batteries that encourage an eco-friendly approach to the disposal process. Unlike alkaline and lithium powered alarms, USI 10 Year Non-Lithium Battery Powered Alarms can safely be disposed in an eco-conscious manner.

Patented Microprocessor Technology - U.S.S.T.

The use of U.S.S.T. Technology further distinguishes USI 10 Year Sealed Battery Smoke and Fire Alarms as a definitive selection for home installation. U.S.S.T. Technology allows for dual sensing that's capable of responding quickest to both fast flaming and slow smoldering fires. The USI Bedroom 2-in-1 Smoke and Fire Smart Alarm with 10 Year Sealed Battery & Universal Smoke Sensing Technology incorporates this technology and provides dual protection against smoke and fire. Capable of responding 87% faster to slow smoldering fires and the absolute quickest to fast flaming fires, U.S.S.T. Technology USI Ten Year Lithium Free Smoke and Fire Alarms provide an unprecedented amount of protection. The NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) strongly encourages homeowners to install smoke alarms that combine both ionization and photoelectric technologies. By integrating both means of detection at its highest capacity, USI 10 Year Sealed Battery Smoke Detectors exceed industry standards and allow for the maximum in peace of mind.

Unique Features Only Found in USI Sealed 10 Year Battery Alarms:
  • 10 Year Warranty for BOTH Alarm and Battery
  • Lithium Free Battery allows for Eco-Friendly Disposal
  • 10 Years of Protection upon Activation not Purchase
  • Patented Microprocessor Technology (Select Alarms)
10 Year Smoke & Fire Alarms

Featuring a prolonged lifespan of ten years, USI Ten Year Smoke Alarms completely eliminate the necessity for battery replacement. By removing a reliance on extra batteries, this selection of Lithium Free Sealed Battery Detectors carries the extra feature of saving homeowners an additional $38.00 during the alarm's operation. A nonexistent demand on replacement batteries opens a myriad of eco-friendly scenarios such as reducing the amount of environmental waste caused by disposable batteries. This decrease in overall energy expenses and environmental boost can be attributed to the implementation of ten year permanent power. Coinciding with an emphasis on preserving the surrounding earth, USI 10 Year Permanent Power Detectors also include a simple pull activation tab and deactivation key that allows for seamless installation and disposal. This process of activation upon installation will allow for a decade's worth of uninterrupted protection that is not at all reliant on the use of disposable batteries.

10 Year Battery Smoke, Fire, Carbon Monoxide & Combo Alarms - View All

The USI Store includes a versatile selection of USI 10 year Sealed Battery Alarms that can protect homeowners from the many dangers associated with smoke, fire and carbon monoxide. The Universal Security Instruments Every Room Digital Carbon Monoxide Smart Alarm with 10 Year Sealed Battery provides a decade's worth of continuous protection from the silent killer- carbon monoxide. The availability of ten year combination alarms that utilize the aforementioned U.S.S.T. Technology rounds out the USI Store's collection of USI 10 year permanent power alarms. Combination alarms such as the USI 3-in-1 Hardwired Smoke, Fire & Carbon Monoxide Smart Alarm with 10 Year Tamper-Proof Sealed Battery provide a definitive means of protecting a surrounding area from smoke, fire and carbon monoxide.

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The winter months carry a significantly increased risk for homeowners seeking to protect themselves and their loved ones from the very real and often lethal attributes of fire and carbon monoxide. USI Store offers all of the necessary equipment required to keep your family and home safe from fire, smoke and carbon monoxide during the winter season...

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USI Smoke and Fire Alarms are available in three differing categories that include: Ionization Smoke Alarms, Photoelectric Smoke Alarms and Universal Smoke Sensing Technology Alarms. USI Carbon Monoxide Alarms are offered as standalone models and Combination Alarms that are capable of simultaneously detecting the presence of smoke and carbon monoxide...

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The integration of brand specific U.S.S.T. technology ensures dual protection as homeowners will be alerted to the presence of both fast flaming and slow smoldering fires. U.S.S.T. Detectors simplify the process of selecting the correct alarm as they enable access to a patented microprocessor technology that allows for maximum overall protection...

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Make sure you are installing your alarms in the correct places within your home, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has recommended that a combination alarm be installed within every bedroom, areas adjoining bedrooms and every level within the household. This would include basements and finished attic spaces...

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Universal Security Instrument alarm bundles represent a convenient and affordable means of safeguarding your entire household from the many dangers presented by smoke and carbon monoxide. Incorporating the themes of performance, accessibility and steadfast reliability, USI Smoke and Fire Alarms set an industry standard for quickly recording and responding to the presence of smoke...

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